First Vistaflex CL10 installed in Europe

Featuring a printing width of 1650 mm and a maximum repeat length of 1250mm, the first VISTAFLEX CL 10 flexographic printing press from Windmöller & Hölscher has been successfully commissioned at Neemann, extending printing capacity for the flexible packaging manufacturer while promising new opportunities in the keenly contested market.

“Following extensive comparison tests we preferred the Vistaflex CL 10 to a sideloaded sleeve machine,” explains press room manager Manfred Hüttemeyer. “The decisive point was that side loading is bound to reach its limits because of the higher weights of sleeves and adapters to be handled when printing large printing widths and repeat lengths.

“It is primarily with these applications that the Vistaflex is changed over between production runs notably faster and with greater ease, especially thanks to the innovative handling robot Vista-Port. Plate cylinder bases and sleeves as well as anilox rollers are fully automatically changed quickly during make ready while ensuring job safety at any time.

“The press operator selects the sequence of orders and VISTAPORT automatically organises the changeover actions and completes them in the most time efficient manner.

“Thanks to VISTA-PORT in conjunction with EASY-SET, EASY-REG and EASY-VIEW, an unprecedented automation level and speed during changeovers allows even short run lengths to be produced with optimum productivity”, says technology manager Wilfried Hoppen.

“The printer controls the most important print settings and can concentrate on fine tuning to guarantee the precision that is vital to perfect print results.”

The Vistaflex CL 10 is equipped with automatic ink supply and Turboclean wash-up system which features viscosity and colour temperature control to guarantee consistent print quality while reducing energy usage by more than 40% compared with previous systems.

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