Great success for Laem System at drupa 2012

Laem System had many visitors to their stand during the whole 15 days of the DRUPA exhibition, despite this year’s decrease of people coming to this trade show. Visitors realised at first sight that this company is innovative and cares for the most demanding requirements of customers, these being not only flexible packaging companies, but also film manufacturers and specialty web material producers (for example Laem System supply ideal slitter-rewinders for vacuum metalized papers).

At their stand in drupa, Laem System showed how to enhance productivity through a highly automated system located at the bottom step of a packaging production facility.

Laem System displayed a slitter-rewinder featuring full automatic positioning of the slitting heads, automatic motorized displacement of a laser beacon unit for quick core positioning, 4 rewinding differential shafts for nonstop productions and automatic reel extractor that delivers the finished reels onto a fully automatic unloading device. This device turns 90° and pushes the finished reels to the edge of unloading arms where a robot collects and puts the reels on a pallet

At the Laem System exhibition area, visitors also could see a Smoov ASRV (Automatic Storage Retrieval Vehicle) that took the pallet of finished reels to a complete automatic warehouse, where also jumbo rolls are stored.

Laem System strive continuously to achieve new and advanced technological solutions for achieving – just through the expectable nature and features of the machines – high, consistent and possibly unique production quality results, large production volumes (through machine speed kept usually high) and low downtime. The whole staff of Laem System – technical offices, workshop, marketing and management included – operates in full harmony, and let’s say in friendship as a single team, knowing that their ultimate advantage is customer satisfaction.

Thanks to the vast experience acquired over the years, Laem System engineers are now able to customize solutions to meet the challenging demands of the converting market worldwide.