High performance slitter for large diameter long runs

Comexi has launched the PROSLIT UNO slitter, offering a solution for projects with long runs that require diameters greater than 800mm. Designed to provide a high performance machine with excellent regulation and fantastic results in output reels for customers who work with long runs and large output reel diameters, it is suitable for rigid materials although it has shown good results for more flexible types. UNO is suitable for projects involving paper, self-adhesive or aluminium down to 12 microns and all kinds of rigid or laminated plastics that require long runs and slit reels with a large diameter.

Available in 1400mm and 1700mm widths, the maximum diameter of the parent roll is from 1300mm (1500mm as an option) up to 2150kg in weight (3000Kg optional). It can reach a maximum speed of 400m/min in its standard configuration and 600m/min optionally. The maximum diameter of finished reels is up to 1000mm.

Reels are supported in an expandable shaft that permits uniformly distributed weights of up to 1000kg. The machine is completely controlled through a touchscreen and the length of the run can be programmed according to the diameter of the parent roll, linear meters or the diameter of the output reel. It also has an option for storing work parameters in an internal memory thus making the operator’s work easier.

The UNO includes a lay-on roller with ALTS technology (advanced lineal tracking system) incorporating two bowed rollers, one prior slitting and one prior rewinding. Specially equipped with 20mm rings and a variable curvature, these rollers are essential to the smooth functioning of the entire process.

Manufactured with special low inertia bearings, the technology secures good quality, rewound output reels. The ALTS system gives customers perfect control over the rewinding process by providing permanent contact with the lay-on roller at a single point.

This system guarantees an exceptional quality of the finished product, says Comexi. The design of the UNO prevents vibrations with the use of 50mm frames.

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