High performance triple lip air ring

Davis-Standard says its 12-inch (300mm) triple lip air ring is one of the most innovative stacked air ring designs in the industry. It provides effective and fast gauge control via the manipulation of all three airstreams. When used in conjunction with Davis-Standard’s dies, processors can achieve especially high internal and external cooling rates and superior film quality.

Unlike other air rings in its class, the triple lip requires only one air ring, blower and chiller. It has a unique counter cooling concept along the hi-stalk and easily operated elevator system to make adjustments.

This technology enables processors to have a wider production range and improved outputs with a BUR (blow up ratio) of 2.0:1 to 4.4:1. Initial studies showed performance increases in a 30-40% range with excellent thickness control bringing film production closer to minimum targets. Maintenance is easier with reduced wax and oil contamination on the air ring lips. Davis-Standard is currently integrating the triple ring control software into its Integrator control system.

A triple lip is also available for trials at Davis-Standard’s blown film lab.

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