Highly optimised tightly integrated motion solution

Inmoco’s precision servo motor range has been extended with the introduction of the Kollmorgen KBM Series. The frameless design provides a cost effective compact solution to achieving positional accuracy in a smaller, more reliable motor package. It gives system designers the flexibility to specify a motor that fits the performance and dimensional requirements of the application without incurring expensive engineering costs.

The KBM brushless series delivers optimised torque, power and speed within a cost-effective package and compact footprint. A wide range encompasses 14 frame sizes from 60mm to 825mm in diameter for 240V AC or 480V AC operation.

To meet specific customer requirements additional motor windings can be provided to allow optimised performance at lower voltages, typically 12VDC or 24V DC. Each frame size of the KBM series is available with up to three or four stack lengths and the motors feature fully encapsulated stator windings for superior thermal and environmental performance.

Internal windings are rated for continuous duty operation up to 155° C (311° F), enabling highly reliable performance even under extreme duty/temperature conditions.

Key to the excellent torque performance of the KBM motors are rare-earth high-performance magnets which provide high continuous torque ranging from 1.45 N-m to 3445 N-m, peak torque from 4.91 N-m to 12,812 N-m across the power range from 550W to 18.5KW and speed range from 105rpm to 18,600rpm.

The flexible design and performance attributes of the KBM frameless brushless motors make them an attractive option for use in packaging and printing applications that demand a highly optimised and tightly integrated motion solution.


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