Increased demand for high quality laminated packaging

Investment in a solventless digital laminating system has resulted in an increasing demand for high specification printed laminate films, bags and pouches for Mercury Packaging

Since the installation of a UTECO Eclipse Solventless Digital Laminating System last summer, Mercury Packaging is reporting increasing demand for high specification printed laminated films, bags and pouches.

Now able to offer more specialised laminated packaging films, Mercury is steadily growing its presence in the food industry, including the frozen and chilled, snacks, tea and coffee and confectionery sectors. It has also opened up previously untapped markets such as horticulture, medical and healthcare.

“No one film satisfied all our needs and the laminator has given us the ability to offer customers more specialised, high specification films which add value and help increase our competitive edge,” explains technical director Mike Barlow.

“Our high quality laminates provide excellent barrier properties and can be customised to include special features and finishes such as gas barrier, odour barrier, UV absorber, etc. Designed to suit individual customer requirements, our laminated films offer excellent protection for packaged goods and substantial enhancement in shelf life – helping reduce waste for the packer and consumer.”

Investment in high performance conversion, laminating and printing technology together with an in-house design department enables Mercury to deliver lightweight yet robust plastics packs and film-on-the-reel which have been specially designed to achieve maximum brand awareness, shelf life and protection. The laminator is capable of handling a variety of materials including polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene and metallised films.

Mercury has extensive experience in providing highly efficient film-on-the-reel for all kinds of horizontal and vertical form fill and seal applications, as well as for flowwrapping or lidding. Bags and pouches can be supplied in a variety of styles and options: with or without gusset, tear-off perforations, punched handles, ventilation perforations, re-sealable tapes, captive flap and blockheaded.

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