Jarshire appointed agent for Espo Slitting Systems

Jarshire Limited has been appointed sole agent in the UK for the range of slitting equipment manufactured by the Italian company Espo, a leading manufacturer of slitting systems, knife-holders and industrial blades for all flexible materials. 

Espo products cover a wide range of applications for converting, tissue, paper, non-woven, corrugated cardboard, film and foil markets. 

Main features of Espo slitting systems include a quick and accurate positioning system (manual or fully automatic); reliable and user-friendly knife-holders; different slit widths and styles, such as shear, razor and crush cutting; and the use of a certified range of steels and materials for blades and bottom knives suitable for different slitting applications.

Slitting systems can be fully customised to achieve customers’ requirements and all systems incorporate features designed to improve the slitting quality and reduce slitting problems as well as minimise set up and maintenance time.

In conjunction with Espo, Jarshire will offer a fast, comprehensive and efficient sharpening and maintenance service as well as a rebuild and overhaul service to upgrade winding/rewinding and slitting machines.

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