Jarshire Ltd – at the core of the converting industry

Since its formation in 1979, the family firm of Jarshire Ltd has developed into a leading single-point source of machinery and ancillary equipment, not only  for the UK converting industry, but also for the paper, packaging, printing and composites industry sectors.

Representing more than twenty of the top British, European and American manufacturers, David Jobson, Director of the Converting Division emphasises Jarshire’s problem-solving capability by saying “If we are unable to supply something from our own suppliers, we will certainly know where it can be found.” This ability to meet specific and sometimes unusual requirements is, he believes, a major reason for the company’s growth.

A number of Jarshire’s suppliers are of particular interest to converters:

Roll and Reel Handling

The range of roll and reel-handling equipment and systems manufactured by the Dutch company Dotec BV enhances Jarshire’s ability to contribute to reliable and safe working conditions in the industry.

Marketed under the name Lift Assist, the range is the widest on the market and includes rotary action roll handlers (horizontal to vertical and reverse) and single action (horizontal or vertical), both types having a capacity of 50 – 250kg. Additionally, the Dotec product range includes anti-telescoping solutions for label rolls and mobile rotary action units – the latter designed for use in areas where there is no room for rail or jib cranes.

Reel-saver and Core Restorer

The Jarshire Reel-saver and Core-restorer does exactly what its title suggests and on-site demonstrations have convinced many companies within the packaging, corrugating and paper converting sector to purchase them to restore 3″, 6″ and 8″ ID cores on old or damaged reel stock.

These customers are making significant savings – one reporting payback within just 5 minutes!  Packaging material that once had to be put to one side because of damage to cores sustained during transit or on-site handling can now be back in the production stream within minutes.

Pneumatically operated, the Jarshire Reel-Saver’s tapered jaws are simply inserted into the damaged core and, at a flick of a switch, they expand to return the core to its original shape.  Since their introduction in 1995, over 300 have been purchased saving users both time and money.

Air Shaft technology at its best

The technology incorporated in the Svecom 640/PL lightweight Air Shaft has been developed from Svecom’s original multi-bladdered design that changed the industry. Manufactured from lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminium, the low weight of the shaft body allows easy and safe manual handling. This results in efficient insertion and withdrawal of the shaft from the reels, thereby increasing production through quicker reel changes.


Other advantages the upgraded version shows over other types of airshafts are that the Svecom shaft will centre cores; run faster and concentric; carry more reel weight; has greater gripping power and will cope with reused or worn cores. It is also far easier to repair, leading to a reduction in maintenance time and the cost of spare parts.

Five different aluminium profiles can be supplied depending on reel weight and machine speed.  Also if reel weight is high, shafts can be supplied in steel from ½” diameter through to 20″ diameter and up to 16 metres long. Alternatively, for applications where high reel weights must be run on a lightweight shaft, an aluminium profile body filled with carbon-epoxy resin can be supplied to provide a shaft with the strength of steel but with the body weight of aluminium.

Infra-red drying

With more than 28 years’ experience Solaronics Bekeart is the world’s largest supplier of gas and electrical infrared air drying systems and today has over 900 systems installed worldwide.

Easy to install and well-established, the Monocassette, Mastercassette, Miniflex and Miniflex 2 ranges provide reliability with high efficiency and are suitable for all types of ink and glue drying. It is estimated that by replacing traditional air blowers with these systems, energy savings will pay for the equipment within months.

Additional benefits include cleaner running with speeds 30% faster, less downtime for waste adhesive removal, and a substantial gain in product quality with reduced wastage.

Spreader/banana Rollers

Eliminating creases and wrinkles from the material being processed and preventing interweaving of slit widths of material in slitting applications can be a problem. However, the range of spreader rollers from Tecnomec3 provides an economical and reliable answer.

With over 35-years’ experience of spreader roller production, the range includes curved spreader rolls with rubber covering; curved metal spreader rolls; adjustable bow curved spreader rolls; and Cordex rollers with wooden or steel base tubes. The company is also able to manufacture special designs to a customer’s individual requirements and repair any make, type or size of bowed roller.

Jarshire offers a full refurbishment service for any make of spreader roller, this including collection from, and return to, site and a full report on the roller’s condition. Tecnomec will also replace worn parts, replace rubber coverings, fit Teflon sleeves, change metal cans and ship back direct in under 3 weeks.

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