SteadyWeb 5™ Web Tension Controller

Tension controls manufacturer Dover Flexo Electronics (DFE) introduces the new, feature-packed SteadyWeb5 Digital Tension Controller.

Available in a full enclosure or panel-mount version, the SteadyWeb5 is an automated closed-loop tension controller that takes input signals from tension transducers (the machine’s web path) and supplies a compensated control signal to a tensioning device, such as a drive, brake or clutch. The controller maintains a set tension in any zone of a continuous web manufacturing process.

A clear menu structure, scroll knob, diagrams and illustrations make setup a breeze on the large 4.3-inch color display. The graphic user interface is helpful to production technicians who are trying to train machine operators and get them up-to-speed on tension control in less time; and the ease-of-use and performance characteristics are already gaining the SteadyWeb5 fans.

“What a beautiful controller,” commented Carol McLaughlin of Converting Components, LLC, after an installation of the device at Diamond Crystal Brands in Ohio, USA. “The operator said it felt like Christmas because the SteadyWeb5 controlled his unwind so well! He was able to run at speeds he hasn’t seen in ten years!”

Features like bar-graph, analog, and histogram run-mode views, TuneView™, diameter calculation, and diagnostic tools help to enhance the user’s understanding of process tension variables.  

  • Large 4.3-inch graphic user interface
  • Isolated 0-10 Vdc control output and additional 0-10 Vdc output
  • Digital calibration and control for accuracy and signal stability
  • Storage and recall settings for up to 30 job setups
  • Choice of 100-240 Vac or 24 Vdc power input

Data sheet pdf can be downloaded from

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