Jumbo spools for sensitive materials

Designed for nonwovens converting applications Spoolex has introduced Pegase to produce jumbo spools. Spooling technology has been engineered to respond to the ADL producers’ need to improve productivity on baby diaper production lines with the use of high capacity ADL spools, a very sensitive material. These jumbo spools hold 12 to 40 km of material to give at least 10 times more running time on diaper lines than slit pancakes/reels. Calemard self-traverse technology guarantees to produce at high speed (600 m/min) spools of a strip with no stress, tension, elongation or twist.

In the nonwoven field Spoolex’s leading technology remains ultrasonic splicing having developed a proven and accurate technology to produce unequalled quality joins without any colour fading or burns. This consists of an ultrasonic cutting operation which splices two players together. This first step can be combined with an ultrasonic ironing which enables the splice to recover almost the original characteristics of the web.

Designed to be integrated onto existing lines, modules are ergonomic and compact. The equipment is available either for narrow webs (up to 800 mm) as a module to be fitted on a machine or doctor machine; or for wide webs (up to 3000 mm) as a splicing bench to be fitted on line.


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