Kroenert technology center available for coating trials

KROENERT-BMB-DRYTEC has several high-end roll to roll (R2R) coating machines in its technology center in Hamburg for trials at customer’s disposal. These include a machine in production scale (RECO) with a working width of up to 1300 mm and a smaller machine (LabCo) with a working width of up to 500 mm.

On the LabCo all web-like substrates including papers, polymer films or metal foils with a thickness of 12 to 200 µm can be coated or printed.

Modern coating processes such as slot die coating in bead or extrusion mode, either in full surface or in stripe coating are available on the LabCo in addition to conventional processes including coating via gravure roller in forward or reverse mode or the comma bar are possible. Trials in flexo printing process are available.
With all the technologies a variety of different compounds can be applied on the LabCo – water and solvent based media or 100% systems in diverse thicknesses and viscosities. Thinnest layers with 30nm dry but also thickfilm applications of up to 200 g/m² are possible.

The company’s experts in the technology center have the process expertise to help customers find answers and solutions for the coating of web-like materials. This applies to conventional coating for adhesive materials, primers or lacquers as well as to the field of printed electronics, organic photovoltaics (OPV), Li-ion batteries and CFK composites.

For economic reasons LabCo lends itself to trials especially when the applied materials are expensive and the required speed does not exceed 50 m/min.