Labelexpo Europe 2013 to stage OMET 50th Anniversary celebrations and a special “mood for innovation”

This year’s Labelexpo Brussels is a special one for OMET that has just turned 50. The show will be the occasion to announce interesting technological news for the label and packaging sectors and consolidated market results. 

OMET’s innovation at Labelexpo hits in three different directions: the presentation on an international stage of the XFlex X6 with offset groups with sleeves, the return of the XFlex X4 in Brussels after the sale of an enviable number of machines all over the world and an exceptional news regarding the company’s tailored offer to flexible packaging converters.

While the XFlex X4 is a “must have” in the many areas of the world with a booming economy and a strong and stable demographic growth like many Asia Pacific countries, it was still capable to gain market share in more established markets like Eastern Europe and Russia. Being the perfect product for start-up companies with low investment budgets and inexperienced personnel, the XFlex X4 has turned out to be the right product to increase productivity rapidly with a limited impact on the operations overall costs. The XFlex X4 will handle in Brussels some interesting print jobs, which enhance the potential of the machine in terms of quality and reliability.

But XFlex in OMET is first of all the X6, the machine that “shocked” the printing business in 2007 and is still an incomparable jewel of technology, ease of use and bright results. The configuration presented at Labelexpo Europe 2013 is a mix of flexo and offset technology in the most typical spirit of OMET, who was a pioneer and is still a devoted supporter of multi-process technology. The newly born offset units are equipped with light sleeves to increase further the machine benefits in terms of rapidity of change, user-friendliness and general ergonomics.

The XFlex X6 with sleeve offset is typically dedicated to packaging printers who need to rely on offset to reach the maximum replicability of printed works. The mix of offset and flexo allows to take advantage of the plus of both, including for the second the low cost of pre-press, the ease of ink management and the inner process flexibility. The XFlex X6 in the flexo+offset configuration is offered in widths up to 670 mm.

To respond better to and offer a valid alternative for packaging converters using sheet-fed or CI presses, OMET is also integrating in its offer the Varyflex presses in larger widths, up to 850; this major overhaul has the objective to bring the most famous multi-process, modular in-line machine by OMET in direct competition with traditional larger presses for packaging printing offering, for a change, faster start-up, reduced wastage at makeready, interchangeability of processes, all-in-one-pass quality printing results.

Counting on such a technological “parterre” OMET could not but build around it an innovative booth using uncommon materials and a daring architecture. The stand will be strongly imprinted on the company’s 50th Anniversary, on the route that led OMET to Brussels in 2013 and on the path to the future achievements. For the show days, OMET is preparing a few initiatives for the public attending the demos and will be the perfect host for anybody who is in search of the right solution for its business.

OMET’s sale staff will welcome guests in Hall 6 H90.

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