TrueView™ web tension indicator

When you install a new TrueView™ indicator on the frame of a web press or on a converting machine your operators will have the most accurate web tension readout available to keep your production line running flawlessly.  

By continuously monitoring your running web tension at critical points in a converting process, a machine operator, or an automated control system, can make necessary drive or winding adjustments before a job is negatively impacted from a tension drop or spike and before expensive substrate is wasted. Large, bright LED digits on the TrueView front panel show anyone looking at the tension display exactly what the current web tension is in a given machine tension zone.

And, while the web tension display is highly useful to a machine operator, you may also choose to setup the internal tension measurement electronics to send a stable electrical signal proportional-to-tension to a drive, controller or PLC. With an automatic tension controller constant correct tension can be maintained without an operator even having to think about it.  

The virtues of the CE-marked TrueView are its compact size, high-visibility readout, low cost and functional simplicity. It also employs a Quik-Cal™ feature for fast, easy setup out-of-the-box, and stable, drift-free output for long-term accuracy.

Quik-Cal™ is a labor-saving technology used during setup to calibrate the output to the tension transducer sensing the web tension. With Quik-Cal, the operator simply pushes a ZERO button then a CALIBRATE button for one second each to set the output ‘zero’ (null) and ‘span’ settings; this eliminates the need to have to turn potentiometers as one would have to perform in older style tension indicators. Also, because the calibration settings are now stored digitally, the device output is inherently stable and drift-free over time and temperature variations.

Safety and reliability are two additional benefits of the TrueView tension indicator. The electronics include integrated isolation and circuit stabilization with built-in noise and surge protection, short-circuit protection, and active current limiting.

“Aside from the highly stable isolated output of the TrueView indicators, we love the easy Quik-Cal setup, the CE-marking and the price tag,” commented one OEM engineer.

This indicator includes a single, accessible terminal strip for simple wiring and installation. An optional Tension Limit Switch serves as an alarm trigger for web break prevention or as an alert to a critical tension change. Mounting choices include a panel-mountable OEM version and a full enclosure. Units are CE-marked.

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