Live demonstration of Erhardt+Leimer’s non-radiometric solution for surface thickness and basis weight measurement at ICE Europe

With their ELTIM product line Erhardt+Leimer presents a radiation-free solution based on ultrasonic technology for monitoring of material thickness, weight and other relevant properties of a product during different production processes. Precisely matched components guarantee a more accurate, profitable and cost-effective production.
ELTIM was originally developed by MeSys GmbH and is based on their smart frame concept.  This concept allows a precise measurement of the individual layer thickness with an accuracy of 0.5% to 0.2% – even in combination with other substrates.

ELTIM has a large measuring gap, is insensitive against fluctuations in the height of the web and doesn’t affect the properties of the material. In addition, the measurement is independent from the colour and the material.

At ICE Europe, visitors are invited to bring along a material sample to the Erhardt+Leimer stand and witness the ELTIM system measure the thickness of the sample within a minute, without prior calibration of the system.


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