Modular High-Voltage Generator DG 106 designed to be the smallest and most powerful of its class

KERSTEN Electrostatic GmbH from Germany are the system solution specialists for electrostatic issues. Our main focus is on the offset-print, digital, post-processing, converting, label and packaging industries.

KERSTEN provides a very small and powerful high-voltage generator the DG 106 and corresponding ionising bars (discharging electrodes, nozzles and heads).

These modular electrostatic systems from KERSTEN differs from other systems in many ways:

Focusing on your benefit: smartenergy…

The new KERSTEN High-Voltage Generator DG 106 has been designed to be the smallest and most powerful generator of its class.

Weighing only 500g the DG 106 can be powered up with just 24 V and a minimal consumption of electricity (max. 16 Watt).
KERSTEN discharges with real D.C. voltage (direct current voltage) exclusively to the market and protects this unique selling point with world wide patents.

This generation of a high DC voltage system holds both polarities in parallel (contrary to A.C./alternating voltage) and provides permanent and maximum discharging without fluctuation.

With standard A.C. voltage there are temporary disruptions (zebra effect), which can cause problems e.g. in high-speed processes, working with difficult substrates or ink jet production.

KERSTEN made the decision to work in D.C. voltage exclusively to provide our customers and a changing market with a real option for smaller, safer and more efficient production tools.

The DG 106 generator, is controlled by a microcontroller, which has an error indicator and reset function in case of short circuit. Furthermore, the generator will indicate to the operator that cleaning is required.

KERSTEN systems are capable of being integrated into the smallest and narrowest of machines. KERSTEN also provide electrodes with very small cross section for cramped installation conditions.

Each system is customized (one system for a specific type of machine), state of the art and configurated by KERSTEN engineers to the exact specifications required by the client.

KERSTEN’s quality is reliable and durable:

The easy to install and to handle electrostatic systems from KERSTEN are strong and durable. Our high quality parts and systems have been designed and manufactured for operating under stringent and rough production conditions with references and customer testimonials available.

Service and support:

Our service and support solutions and modules are optimized in terms of care, service and spare parts storage. Excellent skilled specialists are available around the world, for competent service and professional training programs.


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