MI3 from Raytek: The smallest stand-alone infrared pyrometer now integrates Modbus and PROFIBUS

Non-contact MI3 temperature measurement systems from Raytek are now also available with Modbus or PROFIBUS interfaces, in addition to the RS485 option. The infrared pyrometers from the MI3 series consist of an extremely fast miniature sensing head and a separate electronics box, either in a protective housing or in a DIN rail housing. The three models cover a measurement range from -40 to +1,650 °C. The broad temperature range and high data quality mean they can be used in a wide variety of applications, in particular in process monitoring.

This is the only product on the market in which the reading is converted into a digital signal directly in the sensing head. Combined with functions such as automatic identification of broken head wires, this significantly increases data reliability. At only 28 mm long and 14 mm wide, the IP65 sensing head in its stainless steel housing is also the smallest stand-alone infrared pyrometer in the world. In its OEM version it can be directly connected to existing monitoring systems via the internal digital bus: unlike its competitors, it does not require an additional electronics box.

Another unique selling point of the MI3 series is its multiple sensing head design: up to eight individually addressable sensing heads can be connected to an MI3 electronics box – this minimises acquisition costs and installation effort. Parameterisation and operation are extremely user friendly. Furthermore, the digital communication between sensor and box, and a patented automatic head registration enable plug & play. The robust MI3 sensors have excellent EMC characteristics and can be used in ambient temperatures of up to 120 °C without cooling. The DataTemp MultiDrop software included with the electronics box allows unlimited remote access to all process values and parameters. Using the standard USB interface, users can easily log in on site for diagnostic purposes, for instance.

Company Background

Raytek GmbH develops and produces infrared sensors under the brands of RAYTEK and IRCON for non-contact temperature measurement within a range from -50 to +3,500 °C. The sensors allow for quick and accurate measurements of surface temperatures without touching the medium. Typical applications include steelworks, glassworks, cement plants, and plastics manufacturing. The Raytek product range includes fixed infrared sensors, infrared linescanners, and thermal imagers. All the devices are suitable for fixed installation in plants and machines and can be integrated into process-monitoring systems via industry-specific interfaces.

Raytek GmbH in Berlin is the European headquarters of the Raytek Corporation, based in Santa Cruz (US), and is responsible for marketing, sales, and service in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Raytek Corporation has almost 50 years experience in infrared temperature measurement and employs approx. 200 people worldwide. In addition to its headquarters in the US, its European headquarters in Berlin, Germany, and a branch in China, regional offices and numerous authorised distributors around the globe ensure customer proximity, rapid service, and individual consultation on site. Raytek is a Fluke company. A sister company in the Fluke Group is DATAPAQ, a world leader in the manufacture of temperature measurement and analysis systems for all types of industrial heating processes.

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