Minimising energy consumption through optimised control

‘Saving Costs – Conserving Resources’ was the motto of Mahlo at ITMA ASIA + CITME 2012 in June. The company presented innovations from measuring and control technology for the worldwide textile industry as well as for the coating, plastics and paper sectors.

Cost reduction and optimisation potentials through process control system constitute a major focus. Mahlo presented the new ATMOSET SMT-12, a dynamic cylinder dryer control system already in demand because of its high savings potential. Up to 15% of energy can be saved through product-specific dryer control.

Sustained savings can also be realised with the enhanced modules and sensors of the OPTIPAC VMC-12 process control. The ECOMAT AML module minimises energy consumption up to 16% alone through optimised exhaust air control. The dwell and heatsetting time can be optimised fully automatically with the PERMASET VMT module. This means optimal utilisation of the stenter capacity at a lower energy requirement per metre of product produced.

The company’s new straightening concept ORTHOPAC XRVMC-12 (pictured) combines simultaneous feedforward and feedback control of the straightening process. The multiple units, selectable independently from each other, guarantee optimal monitoring with even faster and more precise straightening results. Right first time production thus comes within close reach and contributes to lowered costs.

For the coating and converting sector the modular and traversing process control system QUALISCAN QMS-12 is customised to the needs of various coating applications, offers options for expansion and measures and controls various parameters over the entire fabric width:

● Basis weight: beta radiation, X-ray and infrared sensors

● Humidity: infrared and microwave sensors

● Material thickness: single and doublesided laser systems.


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