UV systems reduce running costs

GEW has launched a range of UV systems designed to reduce running costs and extend the production capabilities of both analogue and digital printing and coating machinery.

Focusing on the needs of web and sheetfed media converters alike, GEW’s multisubstrate curing platforms enable the widest range of heat-sensitive materials to be processed without risking job scrappage due to heat damage. In addition, profitability is increased as significantly less electrical power is required to run the UV while energy is efficiently converted to UV, ensuring production output is maximised.

For low migration inks and specialised coatings GEW has launched an economical inert atmosphere curing solution that uses around 35% less nitrogen gas than conventional solutions. One of these new systems was installed on a 2.3 metre wide converting line in Belgium last year while an inline printing press in the USA was equipped with a straight-through web path solution, enabling silicone release coatings to be produced without the chill rollers that are usually needed.

A priority for GEW has been to reduce its customers’ total cost of operation to a minimum by providing equipment that is inexpensive to maintain and run. The company states energy use to be the main variable in the equation of cost reduction with potential savings easily negated by excessively priced consumable parts and time-consuming replacement procedures. GEW says it offers the lowest cost OEM consumable parts; its quick-change lamps are replaced safely in under two minutes with no specialist tools required.


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