NDC’s Web Gauging Solutions for Adhesive Label Manufacturers

NDC provides complete measurement and control solutions for the adhesive coating industry, comprising unique infrared measurement gauges mounted on precision scanning frames, incoporating intuitive interfaces and coat weight control products for adhesive label coaters.

The versatile IG710S on-line gauge uses selective near infrared (NIR) technology to measure key value-added organic and water-based coatings and converting constituents, as well as a simultaneous measurement of moisture, across a wide range of paper, board and film-based substrates.

The IG710S’s 125Hz measurement speed, up to 10 times faster than conventional IR gauges, delivers robust, reliable high resoloution profile and machine direction measurements of fast-moving webs. The gauge is unaffected by the changes in process and ambient conditions often found in the converting industry.

Using single side scanning, the IG710S is a cost-effective, low-maintenance, and non-nuclear solution. Long term stability and accuracy create operator confidence and a dependable year on year return on investment.

NDC Infrared Engineering Ltd