New electrostatic discharging system from Hildebrand Technology AG

IONstream FUSION is a innovative high performance static neutralising system. IONstream Fusion utilises our latest microprocessor control system and high voltage generating technology which are encapsulated within the static neutralising bar profile. Supply voltage to the neutralising bar is 24V DC therefore the system has no external high voltage generator or cables. IONstream FUSION is available in two versions, a +/-6kV standard application version and a +/-12kV long range application version.


By applying alternate positive and negative high voltage current to the emitter pins, ions of both polarities are generated at a frequency of up to 100Hz.  IONstream FUSION`s special pin pitch setup and tungsten steel pin material generates substantially more ions over the same time frame and provides a much more homogenous electrostatic field when compared with any other conventional PULSEDC method neutralising systems. The highly efficient pin shape and its sharpness is maintained during the full life time of the neutralizing bar. Our revolutionary design of the static neutralizing bar is constructed with a special glass fibre re-enforced extrusion incorporating non-metallic shields which work in harmony with the electrostatic field of the emitter pins. The result of this revolutionary technology and intelligence is an effective neutralising range of up to 1500mm in certain applications.

Three different control and monitoring solutions are available for use with IONstream Fusion.

IONpilot is a palm computer device which is plugged into the individual neutralising bar to monitor performance, output and cleanliness of the bar. IONpilot can be used to adjust pulse, voltage output and set acceptable neutralising bar pollution limits and alarms. A Bluetooth option will be available soon to enable remote monitoring of individual IONstream Fusion bars without the need to plug IONpilot into the chosen bar.

IONmaster is our 7” touch screen operator interface. The system shows a side view of the machine with individual neutraliser locations along with a button which displays the status colour.

If a green button is displayed all parameters are within specified limits and the bar is working efficiently.

An orange button is displayed when an alarm situation is close and rectifying action should be taken at the earliest opportunity.

If no action is taken the button turns to red to show that an alarm status has been reached. To cancel the alarm and return the display back to green rectifying measures must be taken.

By selecting an individual bar within the screen the user is taken through to the status display area where key parameters are displayed.

The system displays: Ion efficiency, ionising current, emitter pin sharpness, neutralising bar maintenance levels and system faults.

The system also includes a password protected access area where operating parameters can be adjusted.

These include,

Bar maintenance alarms which can be set for each individual neutraliser.

Pulse frequency adjustment from 0 – 100Hz.

Voltage output positive and negative adjustment from 0 – 6 KV or 0 – 12KV depending on which type of bar is used.

A further screen is also available which displays graphical neutralising trends.

Up to 127 IONstream Fusion static neutralising bars can be located on an IONmaster system.

The system can be expanded with additional neutralising bars at any time. When a new neutralising bar is added the system allocates it an address and then incorporates it into the system.

IONgate is our industrial network gateway system which allows machine builders or end users to locate an IONstream Fusion static neutralising system within their own control and display system.

The expert DOE (design of experiments) software in combination with its real-time micro-controller functionality allows easy integration into today’s industrial Fieldbus as well as Ethernet networks.

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