Edale unveils the FDC-510, their brand new web-fed die-cutter

February 2011 saw the launch of Edale’s new line of converting equipment; the brand new web-fed flatbed die cutter, the FDC-510.

The FDC-510 ensures that cost effective, low volume folding carton production becomes a reality, combining the best of sheet fed flatbed die cutting technology with a cutting edge servo driven constant tension web transport system.

Specifically designed for fast job change and set-up, when run inline with machines such as the Edale Gamma flexo printing press, or digital printing lines, the FDC-510 creates a highly efficient web-fed, single pass folding carton production line ideal for short run cartons from 1,000 – 100,000 units.

Benefits include:

• Single pass carton production including print, die cut, breakout, delivery and waste chopping
• Reduces tooling costs by up to 90% compared to solid rotary tooling
• Cutting tool changeovers in under 15 minutes
• Capable of embossing; including braille
• Products can be nested together up to five across for maximum use of raw materials

The new equipment can be retrofitted to an existing web-fed press, or to an unwind stand for offline conversion of conventionally or digitally pre-printed webs.


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