NorCell and HPP packaging nominated for award

Two Nordenia product innovations have been nominated for this year’s German Packaging Award. The international film manufacturer has a good chance of winning with the foamed and particularly material-efficient NorCell film and with a food packaging for HPP technology (high pressure processing).

The German Packaging Institute awards a prize for the most innovative and creative packaging ideas each year. The ceremony will take place in Nuremberg on 24 September. Both of the Nordenia products nominated were designed by the Group’s own research and development company Nordenia Technologies and made ready to market with the help of selected manufacturing sites.
Nordenia was the first company to successfully implement the NorCell technology in flexible packaging. By using a physical, controlled foaming process the weight of flexible packaging is significantly reduced without decreasing the film thickness. These films weigh up to 40% less than conventional products.
The material is used intelligently and efficiently – Nordenia is taking the growing importance of the topics of sustainability and the conservation of resources into account. NorCell films are especially suitable for applications in the food, pet food and hygiene sectors. The foaming process takes place according to a process patented by Mucell. Nordenia is the exclusive partner throughout Europe in the area of flexible packaging and film products.
Tray-in-tray packaging was developed especially for use in the high pressure processing of food with which noticeably longer shelf lives can be achieved in a way that preserves vitamins. As part of this, the food – and the packaging along with it – is exposed to a very high pressure of up to 10,000 bar – only for a short period of a few minutes and at low temperatures. In this way, the food is affected much less than during the sterilisation process that is still generally applied today for the purpose of preservation.
Using Nordenia’s innovative solution even the appearance of the packaging is not influenced by the high pressure treatment. It convinced the packaging award jury that “as a result, the range of products for which high pressure processing can be used is extended.”