Quality assurance and process control

AVT will present its quality assurance and process control solutions for presses and rewinders.

● SpectraLab is a new add-on module to the Helios II family featuring in-line spectral measurements according to ISO standards. It provides absolute colour measurements to match brand owner’s colour standards.

● AVT PrintVision/Helios Sense 100% inspection platform simultaneously inspects and verifies print and braille faults and inspects transparent varnish in parallel to print.

● RLM (repeat length measurement) – a new addition to Helios II – enables monitoring the repeat length and alert for deviation.

● ‘Zero setup’ ability and advanced automation for visual inspection on shorter runs and digital presses.

● WorkFlow Link solution using the information from the inspection on the press to automatically stop the rewinder. ProMIS sends the relevant information from MIS directly into the Helios II inspection system, reducing setup and preventing mistakes.

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