Open House Laem System/Eutro Log

Laem System and Eutro Log have united their strengths to present the plant of the future, that has been called i.solution (integrated customized solutions) during a successful open house, that has taken place this month at Laem System site.

More than 120 persons have visited the plant of the Italian producer of slitter rewinders to see, for the first time ever, an end of line production plant for converters.

Visitors have seen two high performing slitter rewinders, mirror placed,  model TR4 featuring a turret rewinding and a fully automatic positioning of knives and counter knives, with special device to close the finished reels automatically. This model is equipped with Linear Track technology: the process area of the machine is mounted on additional frames that move backwards on linear guides during the winding procedure, minimizing the distance between the slitting and the rewinding point and maintaining it constant throughout the winding cycle.

To avoid bottle necks in production, caused by the massive production of the slitters, Eutro Log has developed a sophisticated handling system, synchronized with the Laem System machines.

The robotized Laem System receiving tree is equipped with a pusher that positions the finished reels at the edge of the unloading shafts where a Kuka robot collects the reels one by one, to place them on a conveyor belt for the control, automatic labeling (inside the core and outside the reel with the bar code of the final customer), automatic bagging and automatic palletization.

Laem System and Eutro Log are focused on new projects to supply solutions and automation to an always demanding market.


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