Optimal paper tension throughout winding process

At Drupa 2012 GOEBEL Schneid- und Wickelsysteme presented the KPW3 fully automatic slitter rewinder. Due to the high level of automation, this two-drum winder is suitable for the economic production of cash register, ATM and other small rolls.


The machine processes coated, uncoated and thermal papers up to a working width of 1600 mm and at a speed of up to 600 m/min; minimum slitting width depending on the equipment version is 37 mm.

The complete production process – from unwinding of the material to the packaging of the finished rolls – runs fully automatically. The KPW3 has a very fast responsive web tension control that ensures optimal tension of the paper throughout the entire winding process.

The spreader roller before the slitting unit ensures wrinkle-free feeding of the paper web and perfect finished roll separation. After reaching the pre-set paper length, the paper is automatically cut by a cross-cutter before an automatic gluing system seals the tails of the rolls. The rolls are then transported into the packaging unit. At the same time a core loader charges the rewind shaft with new cores before the next winding cycle starts. After the separating and stamping station, the finished rolls are fed onto a packaging line consisting of a film wrapping machine, shrink tunnel and packaging table. The automatic winder can produce 20,000 finished rolls (80 x 80 mm) during an 8-hour shift. The two-drum winder offers an intelligent solution which guarantees efficiency and economy.


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