Taking web cleaning to a new level

An increasing trend toward the use of very thin coatings presents challenges for converters. Roy Cannon explains how Teknek is helping customers to remove very small particles down to 25nm from the web

Did you use your smart phone today? Were you watching your LCD TV before leaving for work this morning? Have you been staring at your computer screen all day?

You probably realise that each of these products is made in a clean room. However, what you perhaps didn’t know is that all the clean rooms in the world still need additional systems to ensure zero defects. This is where Teknek comes in.

Our range of contact cleaning equipment is used to clean the special optical films used in mobile phones, flat panel displays and PC monitors.

Microscopic contamination

In recent years there has been an increasing trend toward the use of coatings which contain nanoparticles that are applied to webs to enhance their functionality, particularly their optical properties.

However these coatings are extremely thin and are therefore vulnerable to microscopic particles of contamination on the surface of the web. The Nanocleen system was developed by Teknek to tackle this problem by providing converters with the ability to remove much smaller particles from the web (down to 25nm) than traditional contact cleaning equipment.

Unique chemical composition

The secret of Nanocleen’s performance is the cleaning core: its unique chemical composition allows it to remove as much as 25-50% more particles than other contact cleaners. In addition, the roller and adhesive film roll have static dissipating features which is particularly useful when processing thin film as it tends to cling to the roller. Moreover the roller and adhesive roll are 100% silicon-free.

Many traditional contact cleaners contain silicones that could contaminate the web. A further enhancement to the cleaning process from Teknek has been the introduction of its EcoFilm product. Once the contamination is collected on the roller it is transferred on the sheeted adhesive film roll. These sheets have to be disposed of.

Conscious of its customers need to meet ever increasing environmental responsibilites Teknek has launched the EcoFilm range of adhesive rolls – the world’s first oxydegradable clean machine adhesive roll to be available on the market. It retains all the benefits of the Nanocleen+ adhesive roll (silicone-free, static dissipation, extra wide format, slant cut) with the added advantage of being green.

The product has had a very positive reception from our customer base as makes the disposal of the film much easier.

Pioneering technology

Teknek pioneered the development of contact cleaning technology more than 25 years ago and has invested heavily in research and development ever since to remain at the forefront of this field. In the past year alone the company has launched four new products.

Since July 2011 Teknek has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Ilinois Tool Works, a $15.9bn Fortune 200 company. This has given Teknek the financial strength and global reach to further enhance its ability to develop valued-added contact cleaning equipment for its customers.


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