PAFA implores coalition

IN HIS chairman’s review to members and guests of the Packaging and Films Association David Beeby said that plastics have the potential to help resolve all of the five big issues facing society – poverty, access to safe clean water, affordable food, good health and resource efficiency.

In a speech imploring members to turn away from being defensive about their products, he said that lightweight, low-carbon, strong and recyclable plastic products are capable of bringing fresh water and food, health-giving medicines and drugs and reduced carbon impacts to societies across the globe. “We have got a lot to be proud of, we are an innovator which sets trends, we are growing because of our credentials and because we are a key component of the solution for the future. Yes there are challenges with plastics but we are not the problem we are very much a part of the solution”

Mr Beeby said that in the UK, the flexible and rigid films industry employs more than the pharmaceutical sector and emphasised the “huge positives to get across”. He said, “We all have to help nurture and develop this industry by speaking out on its behalf with pride, determination and without embarrassment.”

David Beeby also sent a clear message to the newly-formed Government when he pleaded, for long-awaited recognition for the part played by plastic packaging in preserving and protecting food from wastage. “Food wastage is now high on everyone’s agenda and the statistics speak for themselves. We offer the most resource-efficient packaging solutions and we call upon this to be recognised.”

At the same event, retired former chief executive David Tyson was awarded the Honorary Lifetime Membership award of the Packaging and Films Association. Chairman David Beeby paid tribute to his continuous commitment to the flexible packaging industry and the Association.


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