PC Industries Offers Print Inspection Solutions For The Entire Production Process

2015casePC Industries designs, manufactures, and supports print quality inspection systems for use in the printing, converting, pharmaceutical, and packaging industries. Backed by a 40-year history of design and innovation, they’ve developed the most comprehensive line of powerful, efficient, and accurate inspection solutions.

Guardian PQV 100% Print Defect Detection

Offers the widest range of inspection capabilities, including 100% inspection, sequential data verification, OCR/OCV, ANSI/ISO bar code grading and verification, defect roll mapping, dimensional measurement, and more. It can be operated on any press, rewinder, or machine, including narrow and wide web and sheet-fed. The PQV can be customized to fit even the most demanding applications.

Guardian OLP PDF Proofreading and Off-line Inspection

Designed for pre-press proofing and pressroom quality control. In pre-press, samples, stepped files, and proofs are verified against customer-approved artwork. In the pressroom, the Guardian OLP verifies the first article of inspection and performs make ready and end of roll verification.

Guardian MINI Customizable Inspection

The Guardian MINI offers the unique advantage of being a 100% customizable system, ideal for inspecting specific areas, or out of the ordinary applications that often prove to be a challenge to inspect. It is a great addition to rewinders, converting and packaging lines. Purchase only the features and capabilities you need for your specific application, and additional modules can be added later as needed.

Guardian LSI Entry Level, Full Web Inspection

The Guardian LSI is PC Industries’ entry-level full web inspection solution. Designed for companies that don’t need to worry about tiny defects, this system provides everything needed for typical defect, missing label, and unremoved matrix detection. It is perfect for growing companies, providing an affordable way to step up from sampling web viewers to full web inspection. If your company grows to have more demanding inspection requirements in the future, trade in the system for credit toward an upgrade.

Graphic-Vision® GV500 Series Web Viewers

The Graphic-Vision® GV500 series are PC Industries 5th generation of digital web viewers. These systems feature long lasting LED lighting and high-resolution cameras to capture crisp, clear images of the web at any speed.  Available in three configurations, the GV500 Series has something to offer nearly any application. The GV510 offers a manual traverse with remote camera control. The GV520 offers a motorized traverse that automatically scans laterally across the entire web. The GV530 offers the most advanced placement system, with programmed and combination positioning that allows the operator to program up to 50 inspection locations and time to be spent at each. All GV systems now come standard with 1D and 2D barcode decoding capabilities, making them an economical, yet powerful option for web viewing needs.


Graphic-Vision® GV-Spectro Advanced Digital Web Viewer and Inline Spectrophotometer

The Graphic-Vision® GV-Spectro combines the power of absolute color measurement and reporting with the Graphic-Vision® Series Web Viewers’ already extensive list of capabilities. The system allows operators to program the camera and spectrophotometer’s movement with up to 50 positions of inspection and time to be spent at each position. This provides operators with an overview of job quality, allowing them to easily inspect the web while the spectrophotometer automatically inspects and verifies the color. The system alerts them when a color is trending out-of-spec so they can take corrective action.

LM 400- Length Measurement System

The LM400 is an affordable, easy to operate repeat length monitor system. The system measures the repeat of a moving web and displays real-time length on a high-resolution monitor. Multiple levels of operator notifications warn if the web trends out of spec based on tolerances applied to the job at setup. Initial warnings are given before repeat length runs out of spec so the operator may make any corrections that are needed, and fail warnings are given if the job is no longer running within tolerances.

CT 200- High Speed Bar Code Reading

The Code Tracker CT200 is an affordable, easy to operate bar code verifier system. The software can recognize and decode most linear bar codes and verify the bar code is the correct match for each label. It can also perform sequential numbering checks, duplicate label checks, or missing label checks. Multiple heads can be strung across the web. The system outputs a secure report of bar code results for a complete audit trail.


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