Quality cutting of various quantities of tape from standard log widths

TS Converting Equipment has launched a range of Elite Cameron converting machines for the tape Industry that offer a versatile and cost effective solution for the production of slit reels of any size on demand. The LS250 log slitter provides customers with quality cuts, accurate in length as and when required. Designed to eliminate all the problems associated with stocking and supply of pre-slit reels of tape, the machine has the facility to produce various quantities as required from standard log widths. Cut length and quantity are entered using a touch screen after which it is ready for production in seconds.

“These units have been designed for tape distributers that are looking to move in to conversion,” says director Tim Self. “ We have supplied several units to new and existing tape converters as the package provides exceptional performance at very low prices.”

“We have several Elite Cameron machines,” says Dean Sherriff, managing director of Empire Tapes. “The new log slitters outperform anything we have experienced. They are simple to operate yet extremely fast and accurate.”

Empire already has three Elite Cameron tape logging machines and two log slitters with a third unit due for delivery shortly. They are so impressed by their performance that they are now looking to sell one of their automatic slitter rewinders to switch more production to log slitting. “The automatic slitter rewinders are great for long runs of packaging tape but they do not have the versatility of the log slitter as the trend for fast delivery of smaller orders,” continues Dean Sherriff.

The CW250 compact and TW250 turret machines rewind any material to the desired length before log slitting. The unwind is fitted with a peel off roll to minimise noise and the pulsing normally associated with self-adhesive products. The driven pull roll isolates the unwind and rewind tension to produce excellent quality finished reels, irrespective of the master roll quality.

Elite Cameron

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