Reliable detection of the smallest defects

With the smallest defect potentially affecting the entire process chain, ISRA VISION has developed high performance optical 100% inline inspection solutions

In a highly competitive business environment the survival of any high speed print or finishing operation depends on maximum productivity, a minimum number of rejects and the highest possible quality. Technical processes are becoming increasingly more demanding and complex.

Each one of the production steps holds the potential risk of yet another process deviation. The smallest defect in a single work step can affect the entire process chain. In keeping with the idea that ‘quality is the opposite of coincidence’ ISRA VISION offers high performance optical 100% in-line systems for surface inspection.

At drupa 2012 the company presented a complete range of inspection products for all relevant processes and applications used in the print industry. Based on the tried and tested PrintSTAR 100% inspection series, solutions are available which detect quality relevant defects on printed sheets, webs, printed flexible packaging, paper, cardboard or folding cartons.

Avoiding or reducing waste

The systems contribute significantly to improving quality and optimising processes along the entire process chain and cover the full range of inspection tasks for surface and print inspection. Advantages include the ability to avoid or reduce waste and in doing so optimise material and production costs. The systems increase efficiency and maximise production machine availability.

Thousands of systems installed around the world are testament to ISRA’s experience and technical expertise. The PrintSTAR product used for web printing in the flexible packaging industry is installed in flexo and gravure printing applications, as well as the inspection of print jobs on web offset machines. ProofSTAR is used to monitor the print results of  continuous printing on sheet offset machines. Its purpose is to inspect sample sheets and compare the print image with the digital templates approved by the customer.

BlankSTAR is a technical solution used to inspect folding cartons at production speeds. It assures that only impeccable repeats find their way into the folding carton gluing machines.

Modules including ColorWATCH for colour monitoring, PrintTRACK to track registers, MultiVIEW to inspect gloss uvarnishes and gloss foil applications, QuickPROOF for PDF comparison and RewindManager for cut optimisation – can all be used to significantly optimise the production processes and by doing so enormously increase a company’s competitive advantage.


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