Total inspection guarantees consistent quality

Brand manufacturers make uncompromising demands on packaging, requiring not only consistent quality control but also the subsequent defect elimination

Manufacturer of innovative systems for optimising print processes for more than 50 years, eltromat has upgraded its established 100% inspection system which makes complying with quality guarantees effective and efficient. A high-performance 100% print inspection is a prerequisite for a well organised quality workflow.

twin-check allows high resolution inspection at fast speeds, reliably detecting process-related and sporadic print defects.

The system is designed for all established printing methods and substrates including reflective and transparent material. In addition to an extensive defect classification, masking functions with useful possibilities of sensitivity adjustments, the system provides the fully-integrated functionality of a 100% web monitoring.

eltromat promises even more process security with its PDF plate-auditor. Already during the set-up phase, this module compares the pre-press PDF to the print image and thus recognises defective or wrong printing plates/cylinders at an early stage. In order to reliably eliminate waste in a downstream process, the event-logger module logs all defects in a protocol which can be used for additional in-house analyses due to the interchange format XML.

Not every deviation which is of interest during the printing process automatically causes waste. In an optional step, the software solution quality-assistant offers the opportunity to re-evaluate the defect protocol according to harmonised internal quality criteria and to classify defects as being irrelevant if necessary.

The rewind-navigator module for example, controls the rewinder on the basis of the defect protocol in a way that allows it to operate at maximum speed and to stop precisely at the spot where waste is to be eliminated.


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