Retrofit a winner for customers

Comexi Group works continually to offer customers the best service and solutions to help them achieve highest productivity. With a philosophy of working in partnership with customers, Comexi has created a Service Support Engineering department with the aim of helping them to plan how and when their machines can be improved or updated. The goal is to adapt its latest technologies as much as possible to existing machines and bring them up to date with features not even developed when they were first built. The recent restructuring of the whole engineering department will help Comexi to be more proactive in finding solutions to customers’ problems with their slitter-rewinders.

In line with its customer orientation criteria the company is working on its Manel Xifra Boada Technological Center with a vision of becoming a leading technological center for both existing and potential Comexi Group customers with particular reference to flexible packaging. The aim of the Center is to provide knowledge and expertise for flexible packaging customers to support them in achieving their improvement targets while creating a profitable business unit for Comexi. To this end the company is planning a wide range of activities including seminars, assessments, industrial tests, training courses and events. The main objective is to provide customers with all the tools they require about all aspects of Comexi products (teleservice, preventive contracts, upgrades, training) to help them to improve productivity and efficiency.

Comexi Service is sensitive to the global economic situation that is driving customers to produce the same for less.

Retrofitting allows customers to save time and money while reducing waste and equips Comexi with the resources to provide consultancy and operator support to empower and improve the skills of the customer. Currently, a relatively small investment by means of a retrofit can offer the customer a short payback time.

Comexi Group

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