One solution for different materials

An adhesives tape converter has installed Calemard slitter-rewinders from Spoolex because of their flexibility in being able to handle many different kinds of materials

According to Lima SAS, a major French player in the adhesive converting industry, Calemard has developed a complete and flexible solution to handle different kinds of material including textiles, nonwovens, plastic films or adhesives.

With 24 converting machines already in production, Lima wanted to increase its number of adhesive tape converting machines to keep pace with development. This included the building of a new plant near Limoges, France and creating new jobs to bring the total to 70 employees.

The Calemard Alpha slitter-rewinder favoured by Lima is fitted with a separate unwinder to handle large mother rolls 1600 mm width, Ø 1000 mm and 1000 Kg with automatic guiding of the web.

An integrated lifting system based on a cantilevered design allows automatic loading of the fabric mother roll without the need for handling tools.

Different diameter shafts

In order to manage the handling of different diameter shafts Spoolex has equipped the machine with its Roll Concept brand’s product COREXAL, the universal core adaptor 3-6’’ (without tubing or adaptation). A lateral pintle motion through brushless motors allows the handling of rolls from 1600 mm to 800 mm width without any manual position adjustments.

Low and controlled unwinding tension combined with automatic web guiding provide high quality unwinding and – depending on product requirements – a banana roller can be used to spread/un-pleat the web and homogenise the tension. The separated unwinder includes a manual splicing table.

For most machines working at high speed on plastic/synthetic products, the elimination of static electricity is a must as it can have a negative impact on production, quality control, overall efficiency and cleanliness and the health and safety of employees. Accordingly, the Alpha machine is supplied with a complete deionisation system which is installed at different places along the product line.

The Alpha is fitted with three cutting systems in order to adapt the best cutting technology to the product or application: shear cutting, crush cutting and razor blades on a swiveling rail to manage the difference between product thicknesses. Various cutting systems combined with easily adaptable production parameters enable the narrow slitting of most products down to 19 mm. To reduce downtime and improve productivity during product changes the Alpha is equipped with a quick slitting width adjustment system.

Based on digital incremental ruler and display this measuring system allows quick, accurate and reliable cutter adjustments without handling tools.

Improved machine efficiency

Rewinding is performed axially on two staggered shafts. To avoid handling of the shafts which could hold numerous finished pads with a diameter up to 600 mm they are fixed but cantilevered and so allow unloading of the bobbins on a specific trolley without handling the shafts which can be extremely heavy.

The trolleys are guided and clamped in line with the shafts, enabling the finished bobbins to be easily handled.

This solution is very user-friendly and improves machine efficiency. Rewinding shafts can either be individual friction shafts for product with thickness variation or standard pneumatic versions.

True centre winding

To obtain compact rolls of thin or fragile products the rewinding station is fitted with lay-on arm with adjustable pressure (constant or varying depending on rewinding diameter). A cell diameter measurement always allows a ‘true’ centre winding with precise control of winding torque/tension whatever diameter variation.

Additional accessories complete this versatile machine (scrap extractor/rewinder, laser scanner, safety curtains, swivelling control panel. Lima is now reaping the benefits of the Alpha in its new facility.


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