Rotomac & TURRA customised machines for converting


Rotomac is the division of IMS Deltamatic Group specialized in the manufacturing of machinery for the production and packaging of rolls for food wrapping.

Rotomac designs, develops, and manufactures customized machines and complete turn-key plants to convert aluminium foil, plastic film, and baking paper mother-rolls into consumer-sized rolls – both for household and catering markets.

Mod. 148 – This automatic rewinding machine produces plastic film rolls for household and catering uses and was designed exclusively for the production of plastic film rolls. Solution equipped with 4 or 6 spindles.

Mod. 348 – This automatic rewinding machine was developed for the production of plastic film rolls of long length for catering and professional uses. Solution with single spindle.  (This model will be exhibited at K2013 in Düsseldorf)

Both these machines ensure maximum efficiency and outputs – by means of the non-stop mother-roll changeover system – while the use of electronic devices that recover energy in the machine maximize energy savings.

Mod. 145sG – The automatic rewinding machine model 145s.G produces rolls of micro-embossed aluminium foil. Standard aluminium foil, plastic film, and baking paper rolls for household uses can also be produced with this model. The micro-embossing technology enables the production of rolls at a cost very close to conventional rolls, as the embossing unit is an integral part of the rewinding machine and is installed within the frame of the machine itself.

The individual embossing rollers are pre-assembled into a unit that can easily and quickly be removed and replaced with one of a different design, allowing a wide range of different patterns.

Rotomac offers quality solutions for complete manufacturing plants. These solutions include a range of accessories and additional equipment to further improve the outputs and efficiencies of roll production plants for food wrapping uses. 

Mod. 212 – This trimming machine is used to cut the two deformed sides of the PVC film mother-rolls.

Rotomac machines offer the highest operating efficiencies for the production of rolls. These machines meet the requirements of small users as well as large producers, due to their impressive reliability, ease of use, and robust construction. Minimal support is required by Rotomac machines:

  • Automatic changing system of mother-rolls and splicing device
  • Number of cycles: up to 45 per min
  • Rewinding speed: up to 1.300 m/min
  • Micro-embossing technology in “one step”


Turra, an Italian company which boasts more than fifty years of experience in the field of vertical injection presses and recently joined the IMS DELTAMATIC group located in Bergamo, is attending K 2013 Trade Fair   with two 60 ton machines: the new generation ST-60-1 (sliding table) and RT-60-1 rotating table).

Turra actually the only manufacturer worldwide of these machines  and is driven by a strong commitment to customization, specialized in vertical injection presses dedicated to co-molding.

The ST-60 model is equipped with the now linear table. This model allows an increase of productivity of up to 50%, through the reduction of loading/unloading time of the inserts.

ST-60 provides great compactness in its height dimension due to an injection unit with two telescopic cylinders of proprietary design. The machine is equipped with a software which allows user friendly configuration, diagnostics, and quality control.
The RT-60 model features the new electrical rotary table for easier automation downstream.

For decades, Turra has been the supplier of the biggest Italian manufacturers of coils, and in this specific context it has recently developed and built a completely automated solution. This solution was integrated into the molding press.

Turra will be glad to show you the new fully automated molding press featuring a complete cycle at booth D14 in hall 13. The entire cycle only takes 35 seconds, including loading, injection, cooling, electrical test, sprue removement, unloading, and rejects selection. Turra’s renowned highlight, the 2-column press specialized for diamond wire over-molding in the field of stone cutting, may also be visited at K 2013. More than 80 of these machines have been sold to the major players in this field worldwide.

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IMS Deltamatic Group is born from the union and synergy of specialized and diversified companies and today it is the international reference point in the engineering and production of customized machines for Converting and Automotive.

IMS Deltamatic Group proposes its division as producing partner to design and develop suitable solutions for customized machines in various industry sectors.

IMS Deltamatic will attend the K exhibition in Dusseldorf with their Companies GOEBEL, ROTOMAC and TURRA.