TECSCAN resolves cold seal registration problems

Tecscan has been providing Vision solutions for the Printing and holographic industries for over 27 years, and this year Tecscan has produced TWO new products to assist in ensuring correct registration of the application of cold seal on all substrates, white, clear and metallic.

The camera based vision system, which received the 2012 Flexotech award for innovation, uniquely uses a SINGLE camera to display a clear live image of the print and cold seal together overlaid in one single image giving the operator clear, precise, real time information of the registration between the cold seal on one side and the print on the other.

The benefits of this system are:-

a)     Confidence that the cold seal/print are in register.

b)    Increased line speeds,

c)     Reduced waste,

d)    Increased profit due to the above,

e)     Customer confidence and satisfaction,

f)      Provides a powerful and unique marketing tool.

Customers already using this system are reporting all these benefits and confirm that their operators are impressed with the ease of use, image quality, and report that the system is simple and beneficial to use.


Secondly, Utilising Tecscan’s unique experience of developing systems for the embossed HOLOGRAM industry, a system, has been adapted to provide highly accurate real time measurement of the print to cold seal registration to 0.1mm. The system can record details of each job including run time, settings etc. and keeps a running record of registration deviation measurements as an excel spreadsheet.

This system can be utilised on the press itself or the re-winder as a final check before the product is shipped out to the customer.

The benefits of this system are:-

a)     Accurate measurement of registration to cold seal to 0.1mm.

b)     Recorded spreadsheet data in XL format for quality control, management and customer reference.

c)     Customer confidence in quality

d)    Another unique marketing tool to help capture new business.

Contact Tecscan on sales@tecscan.co.uk  for more details.