Safety kit for roller clamping elements

The CMS safety kit was presented by Spanntec at drupa – its new product for preventing production problems when using reel-tightening units.

Previously, slipping and sliding of material rolls resulted in major disruption including loss of production, damage to raw materials and additional setup times. The CMS safety kit has a broad range of applications including reel-tightening units and comprises intelligent systems for the early recognition of operating pressure losses and changes to the operating temperatures in the roller clamping elements. The data are recorded continuously by sensors during operation, transmitted wirelessly to small control units and shown on a graphical display.

At the customer’s request this procedure can be integrated into the respective machine controller for the systems.

“Our processes support the most common manufacturer interfaces,” comments managing director Jan Liescher.

To enable the individual monitoring of the different reel tightening units, the unique data and characteristics including model, manufacturer number, permissible loads and maintenance intervals are clearly assigned to the various roller clamping elements involved in the process. The procedures were realised in such a way that they can easily be retrofitted into existing reel-tightening units.

“With our new CMS safety kit for roller clamping elements we prevent disruptions in our customers’ processes and thus sustainably increase production reliability,” concludes Liescher. “This contributes to increasing our customers’ value creation.”

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