Security packaging solution boosts sales and deters theft

MeadWestvaco Corporation has launched Intercept, a groundbreaking security solution that promotes open merchandising while protecting products against theft throughout the supply chain. The Intercept lock utilises ProTeqt Technologies’ proprietary security technology.

Shoplifting, employee theft and organised retail crime are epidemics that have far-reaching effects on retailers, brand owners and consumers. Retail ‘shrink’ (loss) equates to $120 billion globally including over $35 billion in the US.

“For decades retailers tried to stop loss by using cameras and exit alarms that both employees and thieves have learned to ignore before turning to limiting access to products, putting them in plastic boxes, locking them on peg hooks or in cabinets,” explains David Miller, global director of MWV’s Security Packaging Systems. “These solutions annoy customers, reduce sales and cost retailers millions of dollars to operate. Retailers and brand owners have been challenged to find a solution that balances security with the need for open merchandising. MWV’s Intercept is that solution.”

Intercept features a wireless-enabled lock placed on the product such as in the micro USB port on a mobile phone. The Intercept lock disables the product’s functionality until the lock is deactivated utilising ProTeqt Technologies’ system during check out. If the product is not legally purchased, thieves end up with a worthless product.

Intercept is the only solution that provides retailers and brand owners with the security they need to combat all forms of theft including shoplifting, organised retail crime and employee theft. It allows consumers to fully interact with the products in-store and take their purchase straight to the check-out register. This solution is particularly helpful for retailers and brand owners that offer high-value products that are the target of thieves including consumer electronics, office supplies, video games, pharmaceuticals, jewelry and accessories, fragrances and other personal care products. The system’s flexibility allows it to protect almost any category of product offered at retail.

“Through our years providing strategic security packaging solutions, MWV understands the delicate balance of marrying retail accessibility and protection,” says Jeff Kellogg, vice president of MWV’s Consumer Electronics and Security Packaging Systems division. “In-store product interaction is key in the consumer’s path to purchase and Intercept is the first security system that neither interferes with that experience nor sacrifices product protection.

“Intercept will help facilitate open merchandising, decrease theft and improve retailers’ and brand owners’ bottom line. This solution provides retailers and brand owners with peace of mind that their products will be safe without sacrificing consumer access.”