Service every bit as good as its bond

A consistently reliable adhesive product offering from Planatol is strengthened by its focus on providing customers with tailormade solutions to improve productivity

Forming lasting bonds is Planatol’s business – with and for its customers. Since 1932 this leader in adhesive technology has developed both adhesives and specialised applicator systems with the objective of making gluing and manufacturing processes faster, more functional and easier.

Development has focused on providing added value by means of innovation and a continual increase in the cost-effectiveness and user-friendliness of its technology.

“Thanks to its excellent products, good service and strong brand, Planatol is active on all continents,” comments managing director Dr Hannspeter Schubert.

“Our export business accounts for more than half of our sales volume. We deliver tailormade solutions in any quantity and cost-efficient standard products both to small companies and global groups.”

Reliable bonding

Planatol offers high-performance adhesives for bookbinding, fold gluing, forms and mailings, print finishing, packaging as well as for labels and other applications. The whole range of adhesive technologies is covered, from dispersions to PSA, EVA and PUR hot melts. Innovations from the adhesive laboratory to be presented at drupa 2012 include a new dispersion adhesive for glossy film lamination, which features excellent adhesion properties with a reduced amount of cross linking agent, thus saving costs for customers. The new laminating adhesive can be used both as a 1-component and a 2-component system.

“Technical competence close to the customer is what differentiates us most from our competitors,” says Schubert. “We only employ sales staff with a technical background to help customers to generally optimise their production. We are experts wherever glues are applied with high speed on flat surfaces in particular.”

“Process cost is mainly a consequence of know-how in choosing the right raw materials and applying them correctly. This is where we can provide both cost-efficient standard products as well as tailormade solutions for technical or commercial challenges. Thanks to our hands-on experience, we assist our customers in making the right decisions.”

Bespoke systems

All over the globe millions of brochures, periodicals and magazines are glued every day by means of fold-gluing systems by Planatol for longitudinal and cross-web gluing – at high precision and speed. Both systems work at the maximum speed of the paper web and are standard equipment on top quality rotary presses. The systems for longitudinal gluing Combijet 9NET and 9DT produce exact glue lines and consume very little adhesive. Planatol is the only supplier world-wide offering cross-web gluing systems by means of which paper ribbons can be glued together also across the web travel. Products in short-grain size can thus be realised. At drupa 2012 Planatol will show Crossjet, a new product study of a gluing system based on a special valve technique allowing non-contact application in cross-web gluing for the first time.

“Our modular construction makes custom-built configurations possible for any production concept,” says Schubert.

Coating solutions

A milestone for the company was the founding of Planatol Coating in 2002 to produce functional adhesives including ribbons, tapes and pressure-sensitive glue dots which simplify gluing applications and provide comfortable handling. Customer specific, they can be applied to carrier materials including silicone release paper, foamed material, film or fabric.

The type of adhesive, format and strength can be adapted as required while heat sealable thermal tapes can be professionally processed in Planatol’s binding machines.

The extensive range of Plana adhesive products include tapes that provide self adhesive properties to smooth surfaces and cords which serve as assembly aids for rough surfaces.

 Solvent-free tapes

In 1999 Planatol acquired Biolink – the specialist for solvent-free adhesive tapes and films used in most industry sectors. Weightsaving, cleaner, faster and more costeffective, the concept is based on consistent environmental orientation and produces adhesive tapes in an eco-friendly way. A special solvent-free technology based on UV cross-linked acrylic adhesives was developed for production.

Adhesive tape systems are developed according to customers’ requirements, manufactured from a broad spectrum of adhesives, carrier and covering materials and finished as rolls, reels, sheets or stamped parts including complete surfaces or in strips; double or single-sided adhesive coating; paper or film covering; and permanent bond or residue-free removable.

“New applications are continually being created,” concludes Schubert. “Planatol not only supplies adhesives in liquid or solid form but increasingly as value added products which provide great benefits for manufacturing processes. We are looking to consolidate and further improve our leading position through ideas for new applications, intensive development work and technological partnerships in order to achieve the position of market leader for functional gluing.”

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