UV systems for label market provide lower energy usage

With the ever increasing rise in energy costs IST Metz has taken the initiative to further reduce the consumption of energy of its UV systems for the label market with the introduction of its MBS-6 UV system.

Designed to enable maximum cure, it can reduce the amount of energy by 40%. With advanced reflector design and enhanced geometry from ray-tracing the URS reflectors enable a higher output of UV yield which in turn reduces the amount of energy required to run the system.

In addition to the reflection properties from the reflector a completely new design of reflector is used in the MBS-6 unit. The URS Duo reflector technology is a twin coated reflector with a URS- A and URS

coating, a metal oxide coated reflector design that both work in balance to ensure that maximum UV and the correct amount of temperature is applied. This combined with highly efficient electronic lamp controls (ELCs) which provide a smooth step-less dimming of the UV lamp enable a 120W/cm unit to be used where previously a 200W/cm would have been used.

The 120W/cm with MBS-6 technology provides the equivalent output to a 200W/cm system therefore print speeds and curing capacity remains the same; it is the energy to operate the system that is saved and ultimately improves operational costs for the converter. Additional benefits include FLC lamps; a pluggable lamp that can be replaced, removed for cleaning in under a minute; and in-built UV measuring preparation a control of output together with managed maintenance records.


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