Smart innovation in blow molding technology

Smart Machinery & Moulds has launched was is thought to be the smallest extrusion blow molding machine in the world. Maximum utilisation of floor space was the key force driving the need to develop compact machines. Customers can gain higher productivity from the same floor space available with them – smaller footprint, faster cycles result in higher output.

Smart extrusion blow molding machines are custom built for various applications including the packaging of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, medicals, pesticides, lubricants and automotive products.

The smallest blow molding machine has a capacity from 5ml to 2 liters which can be operated from very small space. The fully automatic machine also helps to reduce manpower. Smart machines are user friendly, compact, fast and energy efficient compared with complex large size machines.
Features include: single or double station; microprocessor controls; helical gearbox; larger mould area; superior mixing screws; AC drive; and fast dry cycle.

Smart’s engineers have expertise in 2D/3D modeling, mold and tool design, molding experience and fully supported by CAD/CAM technology; they can work with customers from concept to finished product to develop solutions before building the molds.

All mold tooling is crafted with current methods and uses the highest quality materials for longer life and lower product cycle cost. Consequently, customers benefit from highly competitive pricing for top quality molds and challenge today’s machine cycle times.