Spanish packaging group Hinojosa reports €430million turnover in 2020

Growth of online commerce and the food sector were key to boosting figures, whilst Hinojosa plans to invest €130million in in digitalisation, innovation, energy efficiency over the next three years to improve its plant’s competitiveness.

Hinojosa, a leader within the packaging sector and one of the main family-run business groups in Spain, closed 2020 with a turnover of €430million, up 3% on the previous year. As a result of consumer behaviour changes, e-commerce and food sectors saw the largest increase in packaging demand and, therefore, played a key role in the company’s positive performance.

Despite 202 proving to be a complicated year, marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, Hinojosa states that, “the importance of packaging as an essential activity to ensure the entire supply chain’s proper functioning has been highly recognised”.

Even during this uncertain period, Hinojosa continued to drive innovation, a fundamental lever for its growth. One of year’s highlights was the launch of 360 Green Packaging, the new range of sustainable primary packaging that responds to new market trends.

To further support this strategy, over the next three years, Hinojosa plans to invest a total of €130million, primarily in innovation, digitalisation, energy efficiency, and improving the competitiveness of its factories.

Among Hinojosa’s main milestones in 2020 was the beginning of its international expansion with the acquisition of Graphicsleader, the leading company in the high-quality print packaging sector in Portugal, primarily focused on the food, footwear, and textile industries. The company closed 2020 with a turnover of €25million.

Last year, the group also continued to expand its packaging solutions portfolio with the acquisition of Galería Gráfica, a company specialising in the manufacture of premium, high-value-added boxes with high technical specifications, with a turnover of €6million in 2020.

Hinojosa’s international growth continued in early 2021 with the French Allard Emballages group’s acquisition, which specialised in the manufacture and marketing of paper and corrugated cardboard packaging, with a turnover of €86million in 2020.

All these operations will strengthen Hinojosa’s strategy of growth and differentiation within the sector. This way, the group aims to consolidate its position as the player with the broadest portfolio of sustainable packaging solutions, responding to both current customer needs and new market trends.

As part of its strategic and operational sustainable development goals for 2020, the company has implemented a series of actions to promote the use of renewable energies to minimise its CO2 emissions. Among other projects, it is worth highlighting the installation of a latest-generation photovoltaic plant at its Rambleños plant in Cordoba and the launch of a biogas treatment system at the Sarrià paper mill. Hinojosa Packaging Xátiva was also the first factory in the packaging sector in Spain to achieve the Zero Waste certification.

In line with the company’s commitment to protecting the environment, the goals for 2023 are to increase the number of photovoltaic installations, ensure that 100% of the energy consumed is renewable, and gradually extend Zero Waste certification to the group’s plants. At the same time, the company will promote the recyclable and environmentally sustainable primary packaging line.