Spooner Industries Drying Technology

Along with fluctuating fuel costs, companies are facing increasing pressure to reduce emissions and control the growth of their carbon footprint. The paper and converting industries are the third greatest industrial greenhouse gas emitter, with only the chemical and steel industries responsible for greater emissions on an annual basis. With energy prices remaining at a high level, the incentive to save energy, and therefore reduce environmental impact, is greater. Spooner already manufactures a range of highly efficient dryers from air impingement to air flotation including the HPCTM Dryer and the ModuleDryerTM developed jointly with Voith Paper.

The ModuleDryerTM project began when Voith Paper developed a concept for a new generation of machines in which open draws are reduced to an absolute minimum. It combines high evaporation rates with excellent web handling, allowing simultaneous turning and drying or cooling of the web. The key element is the unique Spooner nozzle system employed in the turning sections. This nozzle system allows the web to be turned through a given angle in a stable manner without any loss of heat transfer. As its name suggests, the ModuleDryerTM  is fully modular ands can combine the full range of heating, drying and cooling technologies. Multiple zoning allows the system to be tailored to satisfy individual customer requirements. Advantages of this concept are overall shorter machines, superior web stability, reduced downtime and energy savings.

The High Performance Compact (HPCTM) Dryer was developed in response to the industry’s requirement for a high performance drying system. The HPCTM dryer combines web handling and the mass transfer capabilities of a conventional flotation system to achieve the heat transfer capabilities and compactness of a typical IR system. The web is supported throughout on a dynamic air pressure pad with high clearance, achieving non-contact web handling. This makes the system effective over a wide range of processes and substrates. The Spooner air float nozzles are located above and below the web path and supplemented by an equal amount of air impingement nozzles. This configuration creates twice the heat transfer of conventional air flotation dryers. 

Spooner HPCTM  technology provides drying of both low and high tension webs, evaporation rates of up to 200kg/m2/h, unlimited operating widths, operating temperatures of up to 450oC, operation nozzle velocities up to 70 m/s, unlimited machine speeds and variable re-circulation.

Additional ways to improve operating efficiency is through energy saving and heat recovery systems designed, manufactured and installed by Spooner. These energy recovery systems offer a typical payback period of circa 2 years and can reduce energy consumption by approximately 20%.

Based in Ilkley, West Yorkshire, Spooner Industries has over 80 years’ experience in forced convection drying, cooling, web handling and more recently VOC abatement systems. Catering for a range of industries including paper, converting, metals, bakery and the environmental sector. Spooner is continuously developing new technologies and solutions in their in-house testing and R&D facilities to remain at the forefront of the industry. In addition to the UK headquarters, the company has a network of agents and representatives across the globe, providing a local point of contact for almost every client, wherever their location.