Superior quality at maximum output

ACF Labels DLC has purchased an additional Ashe Converting Equipment Diamond slitter rewinder for its conversion department, showing its ongoing commitment to the South African and African labels markets.This follows numerous investments made by ACF in the past 12 months including a W&H Miraflex CI printing press.

The new slitter will increase capacity in the plant, maximise outputs and provide superior quality due to its high level of technological advancements.

The slitter will be fully operational by the end of the third quarter of the year in anticipation of the traditional seasonal surge of beverage demand in the fourth quarter.

The reliability and productivity of the first Ashe machine made the decision for the second easy for DLC. The Diamond model slitter rewinder has been very well received since its launch at the K exhibition in 2007.

The machine features a shaftless unwind with an electric reel lift and digital edge guider. Tension isolation is achieved through Ashe’s vacuum roller design which gives the machine superior flexibility to run a wide range of products.

Coreless trim winders will be installed on the Diamond at DLC. The trim winder is an energy efficient solution and eliminates the need for bundling up trip from trim bins.

A maximum speed of 500m/min and features including laser core positioning are said to make the Diamond a highly productive machine.

Ashe Converting

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