TRESU Group and GSE Dispensing present a guide to waste-free ink logistics

TRESU Group, the flexo equipment and machine supplier, and GSE Dispensing, provider of ink dispensing, offline proofing and management software solutions, yesterday presented a ‘roadmap’ for optimising productivity with waste-free ink logistics in flexo and packaging workflows at the drupa cube in Hall 6.

GSE's Maarten Hummelen
GSE’s Maarten Hummelen

The joint presentation, by TRESU Group COO Søren Maarssø and GSE Dispensing marketing director Maarten Hummelen, provided a vision of efficiency at all stages of the ink workflow, from its arrival from the supplier, through the recipe preparation and proofing stages and its journey through the press to the point where it is applied on to the printing plate.

Maarten Hummelen looked at on-demand colour preparation, stock management and software integration. He explained: “As packaging and label printers face the pressure to become more flexible and offer shorter production runs and lead times, driving waste out of the process becomes a top priority. Tailored dispensing systems, formulation software for automatic colour corrections and near-line table-top proofers to predict printing results provide the potential to significantly cut material costs, setup times and maintain tight quality targets. Efficient ink logistics therefore, are essential for a sustainable, efficient print workflow.”

TRESU Group's Søren Maarssø
TRESU Group’s Søren Maarssø

Søren Maarssø discussed the benefits of automatically controlling the ink supply to the press, by means of closed ink circulation. Ink supply systems regulate flow, pressure and viscosity, ensuring a constant, accurate ink density on the printed substrate, without air contamination. Their automatic cleaning facility allows complete ink change cycles easily in minutes. Additionally, sealed chamber doctor blade systems provide airtight closure and a clean, blister-free printed image with fast drying characteristics.

The automated enclosed ink supply system has been proven to deliver changeover times, higher ink yields, clean printing results at speeds of up to 800m/min (approx. 2,600fpm), and a safer, emission-free working environment.

“Flexo is capable of delivering quality comparable with other analogue processes – but price per unit is an important deciding factor for brand owners,” added Maarssø. “This joint presentation provided valuable insight on how ink logistics, following ‘lean manufacturing’ principles, is instrumental in boosting the competitiveness of the process.”

At drupa, TRESU Group is located in Hall 10 Stand D54 and GSE Dispensing is at Hall 3 Stand F50.