Complex coating processes now fantastically easy thanks to the latest inspection technology from ISRA VISION

Competitive pressure in the converting industry is rapidly growing. Therefore it becomes increasingly important to customers who produce highest quality good to nevertheless produce in an extremely cost-effective manner. Advanced Optical Surface Inspection systems for converting are the ideal solution for in-line inspection for example of coated materials. They find every defect and together with intelligent tools make an important contribution to process optimization. The goal is therefore to achieve zero-defect production.

Laminating and coating is a highly cost-intensive manufacturing process. In this application, several substrates are brought together to create a high-value composite. The special feature of this complex manufacturing step is that many different defects can emerge. Some of these include, lack of coating, holes, dirt, contamination, repeat mistakes, streaks, bubbles, and many more which all must be reliably recognized. For this type of tasks ISRA VISION offers camera-based all-in-one inspection systems for converting applications. Coated films, nonwovens or paper runs are quickly monitored with the highest possible resolution with these systems.

Multiple areas of use
The areas of use for the systems and its associated tools for production optimization are quite varied. These include any finished surfaces with all substrates and material types: films, nonwovens, paper up to carbon fiber or glass fiber fabrics. They are in use at all converting stages like: coating, lamination, adhesive, metallizing, barrier coating, embossing, cutting, finishing and more. Runs can be transparent, covered, semi-opaque, metallized, embossed or dyed. Also composite materials, striped applied coatings or coatings with patterns, optical films and plates are possible. The coating of printed runs can also be monitored. The inspection solutions are appropriate for many different installation sites, such as coating lines, painting equipment, cutting equipment, rewinders, doctor machines, powder spreaders, blade systems, calendars, coating machines, laminating or embossing lines. Because of the flexibility of the ISRA solutions, the systems can easily cope with frequent material changes, as the handling of different product or material related recipes is very flexible.
The markets for the systems include the food, packaging and pharmaceutical industries, as well as painting in the manufacturing of furniture, production of lithium-ion electrodes, the production of seals, reflex and decorative films, as well as decorative papers and rubber coatings. It also includes the production of fuel cell membranes, solar cells, glass fiber, carbon fiber fabric and textile coatings.

All defects are found with this most modern of technologies.
The fully-automated systems find all optical defects with ultimate precision. The low-maintenance and networked systems are based on the most modern technology and are constructed in a modular and flexible fashion both in their hardware and software designs. The tried-and-true and high-quality standard components make adaptation to each customer’s situation and tasks easy, regardless of line speed, web width and the installation circumstances.

100% inspection is always achieved. The system components are protected from contamination, are fail-safe and can be easily exchanged. Even the most brutal environmental conditions with aggressive and flammable materials present no problem to this system. The use of modern camera and lighting technology ensures that the smallest and lowest-contrast material defects will be found. The inspection systems are reliable and expandable in the future. Technological developments are easily integrated. Besides black and white line scan cameras, state-of-the-art color cameras are used that can reliably identify previously invisible or very low contrast defects. Special lighting techniques such as fast-switchable LEDs can recognize even the smallest scratch and fold in the material.

The defects which are discovered are presented in an image – and of course – the results are available in real time. The system differentiates the defects by production level and classifies them as important or unimportant. Relevant defects can be marked and the system informs the production team with optical and acoustic alarms. Marking is used with a precision of one tenth of a millimeter.

The quality of the product is assessed in different categories. Production results can be optimized in such a way that even parts of defective products can still be used. Relevant information is transferred to cutting equipment.

The inspection systems guarantee a significant improvement in quality very early within the processing steps. This saves resources and minimizes scrap. Manufacturers can enter new markets with the best, high-quality goods. This inspection solution guarantees constant quality with defined standards. Customer specifications can be flawlessly fulfilled. This increases trust and improves customer relations. Long-term data archiving provides clarity in the case of subsequent claims. The quality can be proven. ISRA VISION offers customers value and sustainability through inspection and process optimization with smart tools deployed along the entire production chain.

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