Cost effective, flexible shrink sleeve solution

The Karlville Development Group has increased its portfolio of equipment for shrink sleeve applications in addition to tape handling and bundling applications.

“Our SleevePro 150 machine has been designed mainly for western European and small South American companies which require reliable and flexible solutions but are very careful to find a competitive balance between efficiency and costs,” explains technical sales director Laurent Corbet.

The new machine fits low speed applications, processing about 150 containers per minute and can be used for flexible packaging in industries including beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetics. In order to combine on the same machine reliability and efficiency with compact functionalities, an electronic automation platform configuration based on the Logix Integrated Solution from Rockwell Automation was selected. The Allen Bradley CompactLogix controller with motion control capabilities is directly connected to Allen Bradley Kinetix 6000 servo drives to MPL series synchronous motors driving the axes and to I/O in rack.

This allows the machine to deliver a compact and cost effective yet flexible solution for shrink sleeve applications. Karlville Development’s engineering team and its customers share the same programming language for all sequential and motion control parts, relying on a unique database for PLC and HMI and a unique connection for remote access which provides the highest level of automation, drastically reducing machine downtimes.

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