Energy-saving infrared solutions

Solaronics Bekaert has been serving the converting industry for several decades, providing customised solutions that reduce energy consumption while maximising productivity

For more than 40 years Solaronics Bekaert has supplied customised drying and heating systems based on gas and electrical infrared technology to the converting industry with more than 1000 systems installed worldwide, 60% of which come from repeat business.

“From individual units to fully engineered solutions, the company’s application and engineering personnel propose optimised installations including new production lines; upgrading existing lines with new coating/printing/gluing stations; or retrofitting to increase capacity and flexibility, reduce operating costs and improve quality,” comments product market manager Yannick Lescanne. “For example, customers producing high graphic corrugated board require fast and efficient drying of the flexo print ink to satisfy increasing quality demands. Solaronics Bekaert has installed more than 300 systems comprising infrared dryers with integral air knives for inter-station and final drying; solutions include powerful compact dryers for restricted spaces and installations for top and bottom printing.”

Reliability and longevity

Solaronics Bekaert infrared solutions are recognised for the reliability and longevity required for drying of flexo print on corrugated board and tissue napkins, maximising quality and increasing productivity by as much as 50%. Insulation paper for sub marine high voltage cables and transformer bushings must be dried to very low moisture contents (less than 1% and 0.4% respectively) in order to fulfill demanding electrical properties.

Solaronics Bekaert supports customers with qualified simulations for efficient infrared drying solutions. By replacing hot air blowers with Solaronics Bekaert MonoCassette for envelope flap glue drying, the energy saved gives a very short payback period. Maintenance costs are lower and the working environment is improved.

In many lamination processes a pre-glued material is used. The dry glue is reactivated by heating up, making it sticky. Solaronics Bekaert has made installations for pre-glued kraft paper lamination on mineral insulation boards and for lamination of vinyl foil on pre-glued metal sheets. Drying of glue in lamination processes is also applied for paper and board laminates. Solaronics Bekaert solutions are based on unique designs of lamp reflectors with electrical power control systems which ensure high energy efficiencies for installations.

For surface drying integrated air knives further increase drying capacity and energy efficiency. Combined with superior lifetime of the infrared lamps, operating costs are minimised and thanks to high flexibility with very quick and accurate power control a high and even product quality can be achieved according to individual needs.

Founded in 1962 as Solaronics SA, with the acquisition of electrical infrared drying systems specialist IRT in 2001 the company became known as Solaronics IRT. Three years later the business was acquired by Bekaert and named Solaronics Bekaert.

The business centre of Solaronics Bekaert converting activities has recently moved to the company’s headquarters at Armentieres in France. Acquired from the Swedish IRT group in 2001 it has been operated from Sweden until now. The move is a strategic change to further expand the converting business in international markets and into new application fields. The support of the technical and commercial abilities is expected to bring synergetic input from the existing expertise in paper and process drying activities. Solaronics Bekaert offers non-contact drying solutions for paper, converting and other industrial processes based on gas and electrically generated infra-red heat radiation. IR cassettes in adapted designs for converting and printing processes are available for drying of materials including print ink, glue, impregnation liquids, paints and lacquers.

Global player

Solaronics Bekaert is a leader in industrial IR heating and drying. A global player, the business has sales and service centres at strategic locations in Europe, North America and Asia together with representatives on all continents. Solaronics Bekaert infrared drying business is part of the Bekaert group, a world leader in advanced material transformation, materials and coatings.

With headquarters in Belgium, the group employs 28,000 people in 120 countries and generates an annual combined sales of more than 4.5 billion Euros. Solaronics SA is not to be confused with Solaronics Inc. based in Rochester Michigan USA. For the USA, the non-contact drying business of Bekaert is coordinated through Bekaert Corp, 1395 South Marietta Parkway, Building 500, Suite 100, US-Marietta, Georgia 30067-4440.


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