Forming a bond with an electrostatic charge

The unpleasant effects of static electricity are well known. People can receive shocks, materials cling together or a spark damages materials or even causes a fire.

An electrostatic charge can also be very useful. Materials can be charged deliberately to make them bond temporarily.

Invisible helping hand

Static charge can be an invisible helping hand in your different production processes. This method is already used in many industries, for example:

–       Blocking a stack of paper or magazines to prevent shifting during transport or packaging.

–       Fixing an address label to a brochure before the brochure is packed in a wrapping film.

–       Keeping the last bag on a roll (eg garbage bags) fixed to the roll to make packaging in a carton easier.

–       Bonding a small section of a film during winding on a roll to prevent the roll from telescoping.     

Many products we use daily are produced with the help of an electrostatic charge without us realising it. Simco has outstanding capabilities to develop ideas and implement solutions with static electricity that can simplify and  optimise your process.

A static charging system consists of a high voltage generator and an electrode. The generator supplies the high voltage that is needed to create a static charge.

This can vary from 3 to 60 k Volts. The charging electrode comes in different shapes to enable an optimum result for each specific application.

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