GOEBEL Retrofit

A long-standing customer in Suisse chose GOEBEL to upgrade a GOEBEL optislit supplied in 1989. LandQart AG (Switzerland) is a global company specialised in the manufacturing of high-quality security and special paper, used for example in bank notes, passports, cheques, transport tickets and tax stamps.

The GOEBEL optislit is suited to process all coated and print-sensitive paper types, has a combined shaftless and reel spool unwind unit. This enables LandQart to convert rolls from different production lines. It is natural for the failure rate of the machines to increase over the course more than 20 years of operation and equally natural for service personnel´s specific know-how in respect of hardware and software from the 1980´s to decrease.

The situation was exacerbated by announcements from the supply industry to the effect that it is unable to continue supplying components from these old hardware series. However, the mechanic of the GOEBEL machines is still in excellent condition and the customer wishes to continue this high quality. Furthermore a retrofit guarantees availability and productivity in the long term.

One extremely efficient and economic option is therefore for the electrical engineering equipment to be partly or completely renewed:

This retrofit is based on Siemens automation technology, which has been used on all GOEBEL company´s new systems for a number of years. As all components come from one source, LandQart receives a new technology that is perfectly coordinated. That simplifies and speeds up to machine commissioning, contributes significantly to short modification times and downtimes and reduces the lengthy training effort for the customer´s employees.

–      Furthermore, the control system is exchanged for a modern Simatic S7-300 with Profibus/Profinet-enabled CPU S7-319PN/DP. At the I/O  level, the Simatic ET200M modular peripheral system is the number one choice, allowing complex, application-specific automation solutions to be implemented with relatively little effort. I also supports potential remote machine diagnostics and maintenance (via modem or LAN router)

–      In the case of LandQart´s optislit, the original dc motors and their cabling are still in good condition, prompting the decision to replace only the obsolete analog power converters by up-to-date systems.

–      In addition, the system is equipped with an ultra-modern, high-performance industrial PC with a convenient, robust industrial monitor. Date are captured, displayed and archived using Simatic WinCC. The open nature of this software allows customers to integrate their own add-on tools programmed in C++. This gives rise to an often significant increase in ease of use and functionality and allows the machine to be operated more efficiently and more safely.

Owing to its long-standing experience in conversions and upgrades, GOEBEL can guarantee the shortest downtimes and a perfect machine start-up. Even in the event of a complete replacement of hardware and software, GOEBEL specialists are able to provide implementation within an exactly specified time frame. Those responsible at LandQart were completely convinced by GOEBEL´s retrofit concept!

GOEBEL is the leading supplier of slitter rewinders for paper, plastic films and flexible packaging material, based inDarmstadt(near Frankfurt/Main). Since 1851 GOEBEL has created engineering history. GOEBEL´s success is based on countless innovations! Innovations frequently regarded as quantum leaps in machine design and development which are highly regarded by experts in the field. The experiences of our engineers and technicians are necessary for the installation of retrofit.

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