Wizard bridges technology gap

With many converters seeking a machine with features to improve efficiency, handle digital sizes and increase output, MarquipWard’s SheetWizard is bridging the gap

In late 2008 a team sat down in Phillips Wisconsin to discuss industry trends. Input from customers and the MWU global sales network was carefully studied in order to plan the next development steps for MarquipWardUnited Sheeter product line. Looking back, the SheetWizard introduced in 2006 had bridged a gap between conventional smaller dual rotary knife sheeters and wide width complex mill sheeters.

Many mills now look for machinery with more flexibility, smaller footprint and competitive pricing while many converters seek a machine with features that will improve efficiency, handle digital sizes and increase output. The SheetWizard continues to fill this gap with more than 50 units installed worldwide to date.

It became evident that now a new bridge was needed between the SheetWizard and conventional smaller converters. Recent innovation was stagnant with regard to sheeters being offered on the market.

So in 2008 MarquipWardUnited and Apollo Sheeters joined forces to create the widest range of folio sheeters available from one supplier. This brought two great design teams together with a common goal.

Leading knife technology

The result: the first MarquipWardUnited Sheeter to carry the Apollo name. The design drew equally from the highly successful Apollo TSK range and the Marquip Sheet Wizard.

Marquip world leading knife technology combined with cost effective Apollo sheet delivery systems resulted in the TSKM.

The first TSKM was installed by 3C Packaging in Clayton, North Carolina in late summer 2008. Well received at Drupa, more than 25 machines have now been sold worldwide. Many of its key features (see the box left) were not previously available within this market sector.

Projects with folding carton manufacturers, paper merchants, plastic film converters and even a small paper mill were won because the TSKM demonstrated clear efficiency benefits over existing equipment and allowed tight modern payback conditions to be met.


Cost-effective option

The Apollo CTS dead knife sheeter remains the industry leader with commercial printers who require a cost effective option to inline sheeting.

This allows them to enjoy the cost benefits of rolls over sheets and the efficiency to feed three or more presses from one sheeter. Sales of high precision cut to register sheeters for the label industry are still strong with recent installations in Brazil and Uganda. The TSKM has been another success story for Marquip. Exciting new developments in mill class sheeting will soon be unveiled.

“Tough economic conditions can sometimes speed up product development as customers seek more value for their investment,” concludes vice president of sales Steve Brimble. “In order for us to stay in front it is essential we listen to our customers and help them meet their goals.”

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